Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Banana Chocolate Coconut cake

Hello lovelies!

Its my day off today, on a fine autumn day. I was craving for something sweet, maybe with banana and chocolate. Banana chocolate cake, chocolate peanut butter cookies, or something along that line. So a quick google search brought me to this website which is a recipe of a Banana cake with Chocolate and Muscovado by Nigel Slater.

I am never good at following recipes.. I made it my own, partly because i didn't have enough butter and i don't have Muscovado sugar. So, i substituted the butter with butter + coconut oil and Muscovado sugar with coconut sugar, and i also added some coconut flavouring (together with the vanilla essence) into the banana mixture to go with the coconut themed changes. 
Cream the butter/coconut oil with some coconut sugar

Banana mushed with fork with a bit of sugar, vanilla and coconut essence

Mix the two mixture together and spoon the flour one spoon at a time

mmm... dark chocolate pieces

stick it in the oven

middle of the oven



35 minutes in the oven 180 degrees Celcius


smells amazing.. the banana and coconut smell wafting in the kitchen

layer no 1 took 30 minutes

the result:


chocolate ganache between the 2 layer and a sprinkle of icing sugar on top

Forgot to put banana inside so it ended on the outside.. 

Now its time to wait for the Le BF to come so that i can cut into this delice and try it!! Will let you know how it taste! Enjoy


Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Space NK haul

Hello my lovelies!

Space NK recently sent me a 'reminder' that i need to spend a certain amount to stay as their De Luxe Ndulge membership. Now, i know i know, i don't need to stay as their de luxe member, and i don't need to get £10 back for every 100 points i get from buying my beauty needs from them. But i have ran out of my Aesop Parsley seed eye cream and my Oribe hair mask..

So on my off day, i trotted to Space NK and started browsing.. and piling beauty stuff on their counter..

What did i got?

L-R: Sarah Chapman Skinesis Dynamic Defence Anti-ageing day cream SPF 15, Skinesis Overnight Facial, Aesop Parsley Seed anti oxidant eye cream, Seche Vite dry fast top coat, Malin + Goetz Glycolic exfoliating treatment pads, Oribe Masque for beautiful colour, Oribe Signature conditioner

Oribe Signature Conditioner £33: I've used the other Oribe's shampoo and conditioner (Ultra gentle shampoo and conditioner and Volumising shampoo and conditioner), but i seem to use the conditioner at a faster rate than the shampoo, hence me buying just a conditioner. I actually wanted to try the Signature Masque but it was out of stock, so i got the conditioner instead. Looking forward to giving it a try

Oribe Masque for Beautiful Color £54: I've used this masque before and recently finished it. It is a beautiful masque, it leaves my hair feeling very strong and smooth but not weighed down or greasy. It smells amazingly fruity, reminds me of coconut and mango. I use it maybe once or twice a week, especially before a night out or an event. It just makes my hair feel brand new. 

Malin + Goetz 10% glycol acid exfoliating treatment pads £38
One of my good friend Eliza recently asked for my opinions on skincare. And i recommended her to try the glycolic exfoliating pads (it was either Malin + Goetz or the Cane Austin ones), and she got this one. She LOVED it, which made me think maybe i should give it a try now that my acne/skin has seemed to settled a little bit. What i want now is to try and retexturise my skin, get rid of the fine lines on my forehead/hairline, freckles from not wearing appropriate sunscreen.. 

I've finally joined the Sarah Chapman Overnight facial £45 bandwagon. I've heard it being mentioned by multiple youtube celebrities. Testing it on my hand at the store convinced me that i need to try this. Its an oil consistency and smells divine, like you're in a spa getting a facial. Now for some people putting oil on your face may seem counter intuitive, but trust me your skin will love you!
Skin are basically made of lipids (oil base) to make it water proof so that we don't dehydrate our cells. So actually rubbing oil on the skin is actually good for you, depending on what sort of oil. My favourite cleanser of all time is Shu Uemura oil cleanser, it just takes off all my makeup and leaving my skin feeling clean but hydrated. Any serums or moisturiser i put after cleansing with the oil cleanser will just sink into my skin like a sponge. I remembered using a oil based skin serum from a brand called Nude but i can't seem to remember it much, that must have been almost 5 years ago.. 
So, i am kind of excited to try the Skinesis Overnight facial. (will do a review after)
The Skinesis Dynamic Defence Anti Ageing Day Cream SPF 15 £43: I LOVE my Aesop camellia Nut moisturiser, it has to be one of the best moisturisers i've ever tried. I bought the 120mls jar as it was only £10 more expensive than the 60mls ones. And for someone who is obsessed with everything beauty, it has managed to keep my loyal to it this whole year. I have not bought any other new moisturisers, until now that is. I wanted one with an SPF as i am trying on the glycolic treatment pads and i know its really important to use sunscreen with any sort of acid treatment on the face. And this one seem to be perfect combo with the overnight facial. 

Aesop Parsley Seed Antioxidant eye cream £59 (hefty price tag..)
I love this eye cream, another one of my favourites from aesop, i've actually finished this about 2-3 months ago, and since bought the Indeed Lab Eyesilix instant eye rescue which is alright but not amazing.. The Aesop one is actually an amazing eye cream. Its one of those creams that if i do use it before i sleep, i will wake up to beautiful under eyes. And i don't use it before i sleep, i will notice it under my eyes. I wanted to try a different eye cream (read: cheaper eye cream) but i can see my under eye areas are more noticeably le terrible.. And i shan't allow it to suffer anymore.. in the last few weeks i've also had to cry on a few occasions (yes like those in the movies where the weak lady character just cry and cry out her frustrations on the guy who just looks at her, until she says "how can you just sit there watching me cry like this?", then finally the man hugs her tight. She gave a weak resistant saying "don't hug me just because I'm crying". He says "its not that, i like hugging you") So yes, waking up after a night of crying my hearts out and seeing how my under eyes area had to suffer.. NO more suffering with this anti oxidant eye cream under my eyes!

At the counter, i told the lovely lady, i only need a couple more pounds to stay as De Luxe member but i am not sure what else in here i haven't already own or actually need. I was literally running out of ideas of what to get. Preferably i did not want to get another makeup, but i did ran out of my favourite Nars Larger than life eye liner in Via Veneto (black), so i asked the lovely blonde girl if there was any in stock, unfortunately there was none in stock. Then she brought my attention to the corner of the store which has lots of small random stuff like hand creams, lip balms, the mini size oribe dry texturising shampoo; and recommended the Seche Vite dry fast top coat £11. I have heard of the Seche Vite but never actually got into it and i do like nail polishes and in the recent years have noticed how big a difference top coat (and base coat) makes for at home manicures. 

So, that is all for my Space NK haul!  Yes I am aware of how much money i've spent. =(
I also went to Harvey Nichols and got a Fairy Drops Mascara to try.. But i do work full time, 10 hours shift doing not-so-menial work, which is highly stressful and deals with literally life and death situations.. Shopping for beauty stuff makes me happy and makes my job worth while.. Plus, after i paid, the lovely blonde lady said to me the most magical thing ever "oh you have £30 to spend the next time you come here!) (she seemed surprised..) 

Peace out! Reviews will come sooner or later!


Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Drugstore haul

Dear all,

Ever since I started buying high end product, I realize how different the quality between high end and drugstore. However, recently, I'm trying to rediscover drugstore beauty products as the brands is getting more and more competitive and therefore making their products more and more high quality.

Oh god, what the hell am I trying to say..

I'll just go straight to what I bought!

Lip butters in Sweet Tart, Creme Brûlée, Sugar Frosting, Macaron, and Strawberry Shortcake.
Eyeshadow quad in Decadent

24hr Colour tattoo in Eternal Gold, On and on bronze and Permanent taupe.
(on and on bronze, which is the best colour I think, is so hard to find. I found mine at Superdrug in Marble Arch, just ask the sales girl to look for it in the drawers.)

nail polishes in princess pink, aye aye sailor, rapid ruby

eyeshadow palette in Storm

I also bought 2 nail art stencils from Superdrug which is so awesome!

I will do a look using the Sleek eyeshadow palette soon.

And look out for when I use the nail stencils. Will let u know.


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Monday, 26 December 2011

short post..

i finally finished one foundation!! like really2 finished.
Its my Guerlain Parure Extreme foundation in 02.
Its by far my favourite foundation of all time.
It last long, gives a glowy but not shiny finish and did i mention it last LONG..
like all day, without breaking apart or looking all oily and stuff..

i did it.
finally finished a foundation.

will try to finish my Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua next, and the bourjois and the rimmel.. =)

Oh, the Rimmel LongLasting foundation is actually a good dupe for the Guerlain Parure in terms of longevity. And to make it slighty glowy and dewy, i mixed it a bit with the Bourjois healthy mix foundation which is kinda a very dewy foundation.

but anyway.. the point of this post is that i finished a foundation!

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Tom Ford lipstick


Today I'm going to review the infamous Tom Ford lipstick.
I have 4 of the previous packaging. The differences are the colour of the packaging and the writings on top of the packaging.
The previous ones have white packaging and have TOM FORD written on top of it.
While the new ones have a black packaging and TF written on top of it.
Some colours are discontinued, but Mr Ford has also added some more wearable colours to the line.
I am very sad to see 2 of my favourite colour from the previous line being discontinued (Morrocan Rouge and Pure Pink).

On to the lipstick itself. I have 4 of the previous line: Morrocan Rouge, Pink Dusk, Warm Sable and Pure Pink. Unfortunately, I have lost my Warm Sable. How did i loose a £35 lipstick? T_T Don't even start.
Anyways, from L-R: Pure Pink, Pink Dusk and Morrocan Rouge.
The colour and pigmentation are very true, as in what you see in the tube is the exact colour you get when applied to the lips. That is why i LOVE and will always repurchase these line of lipsticks. The lipstickss very pigmented but at the same time very moisturizing. It does have a vanilla type of smell, that is not too overpowering, and has become sort of a unique smell for the lipstick.
The staying power is superb! Especially Morrocan Rouge and Pure Pink, since these two are a very statement lips. Wearing them are like wearing a red lip, without worrying that it will make your teeth look yellow.

Swatches: L-R: Pure Pink, Pink Dusk, Morrocan Rouge

Previously, these lipsticks was sold £35 each, now the price has gone up to £36.

Tom Ford Beauty can be purchased at Selfridges, Harrods and Harvey Nichols (online and in-store).

You can still try to look for some of the colours that has been discontinued on ebay and such.

Will i buy more?
YES! Some colours that is definitely on my Wish~List would be Indian Rose and Violet Fatale (and maybe Spanish Pink)
I would LOVE it if Mr Ford would bring back Morrocan Rouge because it is simply the best dark plum-red-purple colour ever.